ATAR Italian: Background Language

Specialised Syllabus for Students of Italian Descent

Unlock the potential of your heritage with our ATAR Italian: Background Language course, designed for Years 11 and 12 students. This course caters specifically to students of Italian descent, providing them with the opportunity to deepen their cultural connections and excel academically.

Experienced and Qualified Teaching Staff

Our team comprises native Italian speakers, all registered with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA). They bring extensive experience in ATAR preparation, ensuring the highest educational standards and supporting students in achieving their best.

Adaptable Learning Model

Our course structure is tailored for convenience and effectiveness, featuring one weekly face-to-face lesson with our experienced teachers. Outside of these sessions, students will engage in asynchronous work, allowing them to study at their own pace and accommodate their individual schedules. This hybrid approach ensures thorough understanding and flexibility in managing their learning journey.

Collaborative Educational Support

We collaborate closely with students’ main schools. Our teachers provide the schools with all necessary achievement data, ensuring seamless integration of marks and grades into student records. This partnership helps extend the availability of Italian studies to more students.

Proven Success in ATAR Preparation

Students benefit from a proven curriculum that consistently leads to high marks in the WACE examinations for ATAR Italian: Background Language. Mastery of the heritage language through our course also secures a 10% bonus to the ATAR score.

Comprehensive Course Management

Each student receives a detailed course outline and assessment outline before classes begin, ensuring they know what to expect and how to prepare.

Exclusive Educational Opportunity

As the only Italian Community School in Western Australia offering this specialised course to school-candidates, we provide a unique educational experience. This program is a gateway to both academic success and a deeper appreciation of Italian heritage.

To enrol in our course:
  1. Complete your Permission to Enrol in a WACE Language course at SCSA WA.
  2. Notify Fabiana Padova, DASWA School Principal, via email at
  3. Inform your main school about your intention to enrol in our course and provide them with our contact email to facilitate collaboration.