Vocational Italian Language Courses

If you are fascinated by the Italian language than you need to learn it. Where? At Dante Alighieri School, the oldest and most prestigious language school in Western Australia.  We are passionate about our language and culture and take pride in sharing it with our students.  Italian is the language of Dante, of “Il Bel canto”, of the Opera. It is the language of great artists, painters, poets, writers, philosophers. The Italian language is a musical language, and therefore easier and more enjoyable to learn.  Italian is also the language that accompanies Made-in-Italy: it is the language of fashion, cooking and cars. All this is synonymous with quality and style.

Moreover, these days it has become increasingly important to learn about other cultures and for those who love the Italian culture, it is imperative to learn its language in order to effectively understand it deeply and appreciate it better. When learning Italian, it does not only involve the learning of its alphabet, the word sequence and the rules of grammar, but also learning about the specific society’s customs and behaviour. There is a strong link between language and culture and since our culture is one of the most colourful so is the language.

Information of Italian Language School

The School of Italian of the Dante Alighieri Society employs only speakers of Italian who possess appropriate teaching qualifications and have relevant experience.

Italian classes of the Dante Alighieri Society are conducted in a professional manner, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere without compromising on standards.

Enrollment must be finalised before classes commence. Please check with the office for the relevant dates. the form can be downloaded from here.

Classes will run on Mondays regardless of Public Holidays.

Class Sizes

Beginners Classes

a. A new Beginners Class must have a minimum of 6 students enrolled before if can be established.

b. Classes can be between 10 and 16 students in number.

c.  A class where there are more than 16 students enrolled will be split into two, if possible.

d.  A class whose numbers drop below  5  will be closed or amalgamated.

All Other Levels

Classes which drop below a minimum of 6 students will be closed.

Enrolment form can be downloaded from here.

Course Outline

To download any of the course outlines click here.