Renaissance Art Course

The Renaissance is one of the most fascinating cultural expressions in Italian history. In this course participants will have an opportunity to explore the artistic, historical, and cultural scene into which Renaissance art was born.

Topics covered:

  • The historical and artistic background of Renaissance Art in Italy;

  • The birth of Renaissance architecture and perspective;

  • The development of humanism and its effects;

  • The role of patronage in the Renaissance Art

Learning outcomes

  • Develop general and specific knowledge about Italian Art in the Renaissance;
  • Understanding of the main characteristics of the Renaissance style and of the conditions that lead to it;
  • Investigate the art works alongside the background of religious, social and political conditions in Italian Renaissance.

The course starts on the 6th of February. Bookings for all Cultural Courses are required as places in these classes are limited. To download the enrolment form click here.

Fees are $170 for 9 x 1 hour lessons per Term.