Italian Children Course

Ciao mi chiamo Pinocchio !

Learning Italian gives young children a better understanding of their cultural identity and encourages a love for Italy from a very young age. Moreover, recent studies have shown that learning a foreign language enriches a child’s cognitive development which can enhance a child’s overall school performance.
With the passion and drive of our native-speaking teachers, the children learn the language through fun theme-based lessons that combine singing, movement, interactive exercises, and arts & crafts. Learning Italian here at Dante is fun and whilst they enjoy their lessons, almost without knowing, they also learn vocabulary pronunciation and basic grammar skills. This in turn gives them the confidence to speak in Italian even outside the classroom.

The children class runs on Saturday between 10.00am and 11.00am
The course fees are $80 per Term (9 weeks).
In order for the class to start a minimum of 8 children needs to be enrolled. The Enrolment form can be downloaded here.