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Serata Culturale: “La Dieta Mediterranea Patrimonio Universale dell’Umanita’ “

The “Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo” now in its 5th edition, emphasises and promotes the quality of Italian cuisine paying particular attention to the Mediterranean Diet (of which November 16 marks the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO recognition) and the style of balanced, healthy and sustainable life that it promotes, and which can be within everyone’s reach.

The Dante Alighieri Society WA joins the celebrations by proposing a “Cultural Evening” titled “La Dieta Mediterranea Patrimonio Universale dell’Umanità” which has become the typical nutritional system of the populations that, until the 1950s, colonised the Mediterranean basin.

The “Serata Culturale” will have our Consul, Nicolò Costantini, introducing the evening highlighting the importance to promote the quality of the Italian cuisine. The evening will be presented by our Chairperson, Alessandro Vero, who as a Pharmacist started a course of studies that has made him, today, a scientist of Human Nutrition, member of the NSA, Nutrition Society of Australia.


Tickets will also be available at the door  on the night of the event with EFTPOS facilities, pending on availability. Please send and email to to confirm

Serata Culturale, September 2020


The year 2020 will certainly be remembered for the explosion of the pandemia from COVID-19.

It has made a very high number of people to become critically ill, has caused thousands of deaths and has upset our habits, studies, work, travel and much more.

At the same time, the pandemia has placed numerous difficulties on the network functionality of the Italian diplomat-consular abroad, which normally insures the provision of consular services essential to millions of Italian citizens in every part of the world and has the task of promoting Made in Italy at 360 degrees.

Our special guest, Consul Nicolò Costantini, will elaborate on how the activities of the Consulate of Italy in Perth, during these uncertain times of increased restrictions, have been addressed and what are the prospects for the future of cultural promotion.

Due to Social Distancing restrictions and also for catering purposes please ensure that you book your place for this event as soon as possible here.

“Serata Culturale” Feb. 2020: Carnevale


In Italy February is the month of festivities celebrating Carnevale. This tradition has its origins in Roman time and is part of the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar.

We will have a look at the history of Carnevale, the various traditions and how Italians from different regions celebrate this even.

If you have anything that forms part of the Italian Carnevale festival like a Venetian mask, please bring it along for everyone to see. There will also be a Migliaccio napoletano to share as well!

The event is free.