The ADA course plan leading to a Certificate of Attendance Dante Alighieri, provides a structured and detailed course that allows a sequenced content as precise as possible for Italian language learning. This standardized course is offered by all the Dante Alighieri Societies of the world. A student who starts and achieves a level of competence here in Perth is able to continue studying through the levels at any of the 500 plus Dante Alighieri schools of the world.

The ADA course plan is a syllabus for the Italian Learners and Teachers and is currently the only published syllabus useful for supporting teaching programming. The syllabus was created with the aim of providing the most detailed and precise description possible of the contents of the courses for learning Italian offered by the Dante Alighieri Society through its Committees in Italy and in the world.

The ADA Course, through a series of descriptors organized in a rational manner, describes the contents of the courses from A1 to C2 and, simultaneously, expresses a line of methodology or quality teaching.

The ADA Course is a tool for teachers and educational directors useful for:

defining the general contents of courses, curricula, individual lessons and teaching units;

verifying the adequacy of the proposed communication and linguistic objectives;

analyzing the objectives and the text types foreseen in the six levels defined in the common European reference framework.

The ADA Course is not a curriculum plan, but rather a tool of programming, designed to help teachers in defining the courses, contents and levels of competence of linguistic and cultural contexts. The ADA Course is the same course used for the PLIDA Certificate which is attained by sitting formal examinations.

The ADA certificate of attendance evaluates skills in Italian as a foreign language according to a six-tier scale, from A1 to C2 in ascending order of difficulty, corresponding to the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

These levels are:

Beginners levels:

A1 – Initial contact

A2 – Survival

Foundation Levels

B1 – Threshold

B2 – Progress

Professional Levels:

C1 – Efficacy

C2 – Mastery

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