20th Century Italian Literature Course

Italo Calvino

The Italian literary tradition is rich and fascinating but for this course the discussion is limited to a specific historical period “the 20th century”. This period has been selected because it is closest to our contemporary reality thus, making the cultural comparison more relevant.

Elsa Morante

This course will explore some aspects of the Italian literature of the 20th century, and it will consider the continuing relevance of these texts to our contemporary situation.

In this course students will be introduced and familiarise with some of the main Italian authors of the era at the discretion of the teacher.

Luigi Pirandello

The students will explore the author’s life, works and stylistic characteristics followed by the reading and deepened analysis of the texts in order to detect specific vocabulary, linguistic structures, narrative characteristics etc.

Students will have a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between literary texts and social structures and will be able to read texts closely and know how to read both formal and thematic aspects of texts.

Dacia Maraini

This course is interactive and open, ample space will be left for the discussion and the suggestions of the students. Most of the texts will be short stories, but excerpts from novels will also be considered. Moreover, some in-depth analysis and critique may be carried out in case students take an interest in a specific author or subject.

Course starts on Wednesday 5th of February from 7.30 to 9.00pm. Bookings for all Cultural Courses are required as places in these classes are limited.

Fees are $170 for 9 x 1 hour lessons per Term. To download the enrolment form click here.