New Committee elected on 26/07/2019

At the Special General Meeting held on Friday 26 July a new Management Committee was elected. As per Constitution the Management Committee consists of:

  • the office holders of the Association (chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary, treasurer); and
  • not less than five and no more than seven ordinary committee members.

The new Committee was elected unopposed. The following are the new office holders of the Association:

Chairperson: Dr Alessandro Vero
Deputy Chairperson: Mr Giovanni Rossi
Secretary: Mr Rino Pellone
Treasurer: Mr Giuseppe Luna

The following are the maximum seven ordinary committee members:

Mr Raffaele Basini
Ms Margherita Cavani
Mr Gabriele Campani
Mrs Patrizia Targa
Mr Eros Nardin
Mr Luca Iovino
Mrs Imma Pellone

(from the left) Giuseppe Luna (treasurer), Luca Iovino (committee member), Imma Pellone (committee member) Rino Pellone (secretary), Patrizia Targa (committee member ), Alessandro Vero (chairperson), Eros Nardin (committee member), Gabriele Campani (committee member), Raffaele Basini (committee member), Giovanni Rossi (vice chairperson).

Margherita Compani not in the photo. She was overseas when the photo was taken.

A bio of the office holders and committee members can be found here

2019 Term 3 Enrolment

Do you know that learning a new language stimulates the intellect? It improves memory? Increases thinking skills and improves problem solving skills? So why not improve the power of your brain by studying Italian?

It is easy to learn Italian given the musicality and its melodic sounds. The historian James Howell said: “Italian is the best composed language in terms of fluency and smoothness”.

It’s no wonder that according to a recent study, Italian is the 4th most studied language in the world. The Dante Alighieri School invites you to join our classes and experience first-hand the elegance and practicality of the Italian language.

Term 3 enrolment is now open. Our course are:

  • Italian Language
  • Italian for Children
  • Italian Conversation
  • Italian Literature

Forms for enrolment can be downloaded from here:

Download Enrolment Form – Italian Language Term 3

Download Enrolment Form – Italian for Children Term 3

Download Enrolment Form – Italian Conversation Term 3

Please also check our new Time Table for Term 3 and the term dates here:

Dante Alighieri Timetable 2019

Dante Alighieri Term Dates 2019

Please Note: The DASWA school dates do not correspond with Public & Private Schools Term Dates.

Students please be aware that classes will run only if a minimum of student numbers are reached. If a class should not proceed, students will be offered an alternate class or a refund. Students will be notified if this were the case.

Completed enrolment forms and payment receipt can also be emailed to:

“Serata Culturale” May 2019

Dante Alighieri Society of WA in collaboration with Stelle Nascenti, Italo-Australian Theatre Group Inc. is proud to present a short theater performance:

Eduardo De Filippo, l’uomo e la maschera

The show is made of several comedy scenes played by the young actors from “Stelle Nascenti”, and a brilliant single act of Eduardo De Filippo “Pericolosamente” interpreted by Rino Pellone, Maria Conte and Sammy Pizzata.

Directed by Rino Pellone


2019 Term 2 enrolment

Study Italian in Italy – Italian immersion programs in Italy

If you are passionate about Art, Literature, History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Music, Fashion, Romance and Food you should study Italian. It is only through learning the Italian language that you can truly understand its incredible culture …  and what better place to learn Italian if not at Dante Alighieri, one of Italy’s greatest Poets … also known as the Father of the Italian language.

Term 2 enrolment is now open. Our course are:

Forms for enrolment can be downloaded from here:

Download Enrolment Form 2019 Term 2

Download Conversation Form 2019 Term 2

Please also check our new Time Table for Term 2 and the term dates here:

Dante Alighieri Timetable 2019

Dante Alighieri Term Dates 2019

Please Note: The DASWA school dates do not correspond with Public & Private Schools Term Dates.

All students must speak to the office before completing an enrolment form and being allocated a class, as all classes are dependent on minimum student numbers & may not proceed, in this case you may be offered an alternate class or refund.

Completed enrolment forms and payment receipt can also be emailed to:


Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Italian Studies at UWA

In 1929, Francesco Vanzetti, an idiosyncratic and popular Venetian, offered the first courses in Italian. This was the first appointment of a lecturer in Italian in any Australian university.

Francesco Vanzetti was also one of the first presidents of Dante Alighieri Society of WA.

This lecture series, supported by the Institute of Advanced Studies and by Italian Studies in the UWA School of Humanities, celebrates aspects of Italian language and culture, past and present.

The lectures are free and more info can be found here.

“Serata Culturale” April 2019

“Dante and his Comedy: From the Past to the Present” by Irene Guidotti


The event will deal with a historical literary itinerary dedicated to some of the passages and the most famous characters of Dante’s Divine Comedy. We will travel the places known to Dante during the exile and what is still visible today.

About the speaker

Irene Guidotti holds a BA from the University of Florence in Literature and Communication Science and an MA in Librarianship from Monash University (Melbourne).

In the past, she collaborated with the Manuscript Collection at the State Library of Victoria and is currently Digitisation Coordinator and Research Repository Librarian at Monash University. As an ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association) associate member and social media coordinator, she is involved in events and activities in Victoria.

She specialises in archival research and in the study of 18th and 19th-century documents, with a particular focus on manuscripts of archaeological interest.

Irene presented the outcomes of her research at International conferences in Europe and published in peer-reviewed publications.

In 2008, she participated in the organisation of the exhibition “Mugello, the cradle of the Renaissance: Giotto, Beato Angelico, Donatello e i Medici” and worked at the Tourist Office of Unione Montana dei Comuni del Mugello between 2008 and 2009.

Members Free – Visitors Donation

Venue: Dante Alighieri Society Western Australia, Unit 3/239 Fitzgerald Street, Perth, WA 6005

Date and Time: 26/04/2019 at 7.30pm

“Serata Culturale” March 2019



Bagaglio in eccesso. Duration: 4:00 mins (2015)

“This short film talks about a young couple that is about to take a flight to Paris, but his luggage has an excess weight. The only way to take that flight is therefore to lighten it, but the seemingly simple operation will prove to be a difficult task, because the man has something to hide.”

Domani smettoDuration: 10:30 mins (2016)

An actress’s audition becomes the way to retrace in an amusing and melancholic way the meaning of the choices of an entire career.”

Gaiwan. Duration: 3:00 mins

“A cemetery. Two men. An unusual ritual in front of a tomb will arouse judgment, a sarcastic preconception in the first instance, then wonder and reflection. A parable about the hope that men have in common beyond their prejudices.”

Lila. Duration: 8:30 mins (2014)

“The protagonist of this short film is Lila, a girl who has the ability to “adjust” reality through her drawings. The short film is very beautiful, as well as for the music and the colors also for the ability to excite. I confess that every time I look at it it touches me a little.”

Ammazziamo tutti gli avvocati. Duration: 5:30 mins

“Created for the Shakespeare Fest Globe Theater, Rome and directed by Gigi Proietti.”