Dante Alighieri Societies in the world

Location Website Language
Sede della Dante Roma Ita
Palermo Italy Ita/Eng
Brisbane Ita/Eng
Rotterdam Dutch
Massachusetts Eng
Buenos Aires Esp/Ita


Website Description For Italian language and culture.
Italy online Useful if traveling to Italy. Going to Italy? This site offers links to many destinations, to the arts, culture, business, lodging, entertainment, and more. Access any museum in Italy by region. (English/Italian)
Guide to Florence Available in Italian and English. Everything about Milano: Theater, Arts, Restaurants, Shopping, and much more… Map of sites on Sicily. Cultural database on all things from Calabria.

News and Magazines

Website Description ANSA Press Agency (Italiano/English/Spanish).
Radio Capital Italian radio and TV news service. Corriere della Sport – Leading sport newspaper in Italy. Corriere della Sera – The most read daily newspaper in Italy.


Website Description
L’Italia dei nomi e Cognomi Search for your name, last name and the region in which it is found.
Family Search Best Family search database with International Genealogical Index. (Site by The Church of the Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City)