Dante Cultural Events

Dante Cultural Events for the 2018 year are listed below. Please continue to check this page for details on any new events that may be added during the course of the year. Click on the event for more information if it is highlighted.

23 March:  

Italian contribution to Restaurants/Food: Giovanni Maiorana /Lina Cipollini / Pasquale Princi

 27 April:

New Wave Italian Migration to WA: Sarah Tiboni

Italian Genealogy: Rintracciare le Radici

 25 May:

Stelle Nascenti Theatre Group:  Rino Pellone

 29 June:

Second Generation Italo-Australians: Giovanni Rossi

 27 July:

History of Clubs & Associations: Salvatore Scigura

 31 August:

Italian contribution to Market Gardening: “Ortolani italiani”

 28 September:

Italian contribution to Spiritual Life – New Norcia:  John Kinder UWA

26 October:

The history of the drainage of Il Fucino basin – Emilio Leoni

30 November:

Italian contribution to construction: “We came, We saw, We concreted”

Dante Student Events